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Cake Games for Girls

Game Description:

If you love cakes and lovely delicious things like that in baking games, then you’re going to have a really great time with this game. Here you’re going to see some cakes that are already decorated beautifully with icing and fruits and all sorts of other things. Don’t spend too long looking at them though, because you have a limited amount of time. Before your time runs out you quickly need to click on the exact same decorations and place them in exactly the right position on the cake so that your cake matches the original one. When you’ve put each piece in place you’ll see how accurate you were and get points. Remember to let us know how many levels you passed in this fun cooking game.

With this new cooking game for girls, you can decorate a chocolate cake that looks good enough to eat! There are many things you can choose and decorate with this game. First, stack your cake by clicking and dragging it onto the table top. Then you can choose your icing, sprinkles, toppings; you can even choose your drink and table wear with this new girls game. You will have this cake looking simply scrumptious in no time!

Make your loved one’s birthday more happy by making a birthday cake for them! Be more creative as you can as you decorate this birthday cake with as many candies, fruits or ribbons as you like. You could even write a letter before you send your cake!

If you like cake decorating, you may want to try it out for real at home! This is a very special game because it’s about baking an awesome cake in the name of love. We all live to love, or love to live by each individual case but once in life you will feel the real love. Nothing says love like chocolate cake, pink frosting, candy hearts and all the yummy gummy fruits, sprinkles and roses you can pile on. Let your Valentine know you mean business this season with an epic heart shaped dessert cake iced to the edge and baked with love!Now this game is very emotional because you can cook the cake as lovely as you want to, because it offers a great variety of ingredients and fruits that can be added on the cake and the most important thing is that you must bake it thinking about real love. So start putting some glaze hearts on the cake dough and let love come into your heart too. Everybody likes yummy cakes, but not everybody can decorate them… You are a cool chef – a real cakemaster, who can cook any dessert: for a birthday party, wedding and romantic dinner. Choose fruit or any other filling, cream, chocolate, icing and sweet decorations for all the three layers of this fantastically delicious cake – don’t forget to choose the top element – a figurine of newlyweds or a small chocolate “Happy Birthday”, lovely bears or fruity hearts.

Screen Shots:

Instructions: Use the mouse to click the buttons on the right side of the screen .

Channels: Cake Cooking Games,Cooking Girls Games

Plays: 362 players

Rated 3.12/5 (1782 Votes)

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Mahjong Games for Girls


Game Description:

Mahjong exists for centuries and is derived from the Asian countries. Have fun with the free mahjong games, a nice brain training game! Online Mahjong games is puzzle games based on the same tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining.

Remove matching tiles that can be connected with each other. Select the tiles with the mouse.In this game you remove mahjonggs by picking them by pairs. You can only pick a mahjongg if it is on the top of the stack and it can be reached from the left or from the right.You need to pick the mahjonggs strategically because a single mahjongg can block the access of a lot of mahjonggs, so it is wise to pick such mahjonggs first.

Select two identical tiles to remove them! The tile must have either its left or its right site open and no tiles on top of it. Your goal is to maximize your score while completing your puzzle. Select two identical tiles to remove them from the play field. Remove all tiles to complete the game. To select a tile, the tile must have either its right or left side completely open and there cannot be any tiles on top of it, or even partially on top of it.

The object of the game is to match tiles. To make a match you must select two matching tiles that are not blocked from the right or the left. If you can’t select a tile, than it is blocked… Remove all the tiles from the game board to win. Clear the board of stones by finding all the matching pairs to progress to the next level. You can only remove stones that have no stones to the left or right.

Create perfect or standard matches when you dig through the tiles to reach the treasure. Hexagonal tiles and three levels ensure a challenging and fresh experience.

1. Match the tiles by finding matching pairs before you run out of time. If you match numbers with the same background colour, you will receive a higher score. Clear a level to advance the next, harder level. 2. To be able to remove a tile it has to be free to move. This means that it cannot have another tile that covers any part of it, and it has to have three connected sides free.

3. Tiles that are free to move are of a slightly brighter colour. Use the Shuffle option when you are stuck, but if there were remaining pairs you could have cleared you get a time deduction.

In this game there will be a set of mahjongg tiles piled up together. You need to remove the mahjonggs pair by pair until all the mahjonggs are gone.

You can match a mahjongg only if it is not blocked from both sides and that it does not have any other tiles stacked above it. When you finish a set, you will be promoted to the next level. There are a total of 3 levels. The faster you finish a level, the higher the score you get.

Screen Shots:

Instructions: Use the mouse to click the buttons on the right side of the screen.

Channels: Mahjong Games,Puzzle Girl Games

Plays: 369 players

Rated 3.53/5 (1762 Votes)

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