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Zuma Games for Girls


Game Description:

Zuma is related to the genre of ball-games, but today it has become so popular that can be singled out as a separate game category. For the time being it is possible to count more than twenty different small-size games in the genre Zuma. Afterwards Zuma has developed into the most popular arcade.

The main point of any Zuma game is to create same-colored strings of at least three beads by launching them at a large chain. The larger the chain; the more points you get. We have many different variants with lots of different colors and themes. The original Zuma game was released in 2003 by PopCap Games. Shoot the colored balls next to others of the same colors. Click on the glowing doorway at the bottom of the menu screen, then click on Play to start the game.

I’m sure everyone has played at least once on the computer game Zuma Deluxe. Now you can play free online game Zuma Deluxe. This ball game can be played both children and adults because the rules are very simple and very addictive game. You need to destroy the sequence of balls that do not have to reach the stone head and must draw ball to form a group of at least three same colored balls so they explode. The string of beads all kinds of balls are more surprised that you have to try to make them explode as soon as possible to benefit from their help.

Get ready to challenge your friends in Zuma Blitz, the blazing-fast new game from the makers of Bejeweled Blitz! Blast balls from your fearless frog, race the clock, and destroy chains before you’re devoured by the golden skull. Then try this game now before the time out.

Screen Shots:

Instructions: Use the mouse to click the buttons on the right side of the screen.

Channels: Zuma Games,Puzzle Girl Games

Plays: 346 players

Rated 3.56/5 (1858 Votes)

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